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Is there posibility to set ATV212 to have PID reference and also preset speeds in manual mode? Like in ATV12, 320 parameters Pr2, Pr4, rP2, rP3, rP4).

PID control is enabled when parameter F360 is assigned (to VIA or VIB).

If PID is enabled, then any reference that comes on the channel selected by FMOD (or alternatively selected by parameter F207 providing that F200=1 or logic function 38 is used) represents desired process value, which means PID reference. If preset speed is activated at this moment when PIC control is active, then preset speed does not represents the speed in Hz but it represents the PID reference, proportionaly to the max speed setting. For example if the feedback is conencted to VIB, (parameters F210-F213 in default), then preset speed 20Hz corresponds to 40% of the feedback range (40% = 20Hz out of 50Hz) providing that F201-F203 are also kept in default values.
Using this setting (F360=1), assigning preset speed (for example F112=6, F113=7 or you can combine run fwd+preset speed, e.g. F111=22) and defining preset speed SR1,SR2,.. you can regulate application using preset PID references.

If there is intention to switch to speed mode (to regulate speed, not process value) you have to disbale PID control by assigning free logic input to function 14. If this logic is active, ATV works in speed mode and so reference on FMOD or F207 or preset speed - all represent target speed setpoint in Hz.
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