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Max motor cable lengh for ATV630C22N4 to meet C3 category IEC61800-3

The EMC levels required by category C3 according to IEC 61800-3 can be achieved with ATV630C22N4 and integrated EMC filter if:
- motor cable is shielded and
- motor cable length is not greater than 50 m.

With additional EMC filter (VW3A4411) the ATV630C22N4 can meet criteria for C3 category with motor cable length up to 300 m, providing that motor cable is shielded.
If the motor cable is not shielded, then its difficult to meet C3 category and the only possibility is to use sinus filter. Unshielded cable is possible in C4 category.

Next point of view is the ATV operation. ATV630C22N4 without additional output filter allows operation:
- with max 150meters of shielded motor cable or
- 300meters of unshielded motor cable.
Practically, however, we recommend dv/dt filter for motor cable length above 50meters.

ATV630C22N4 + dv/dt filter VW3A5106 allows 250meters of shielded motor cable.

ATV630C22N4+VW3A4411+VW3A5106 and shielded motor cable allows operation and meets C3 category requirements for up to 250m. Switching frequency must be 2.5kHz or below.
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