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Where can I download Power Monitoring Expert 8.0 installation files?

The installation files for Power Monitoring Expert 8.0 (PME 8.0) are needed

Power Monitoring Expert 8.0 (Base, Health Care, Data Centers, and Buildings)

Software Installation Files

PME 8.0 (ISO) software can be found at the Schneider Electric Box links below: (Note as of 6/7/2017, the latest version of PME is 8.2, the installation files can be downloaded from article FA312664)
PME 8.0 Base
PME 8.0 Healthcare
PME 8.0 Data Center
PME 8.0 Buildings

Note: If there are issues accessing the above links, please try removing the secure encryption by removing the s in https. For example, the first link would become

For PME 8 Documentation, refer to article FA317837
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