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PM8000 Webpage credentials

Customer would like to know what credentials to use when logging into the PM8000 webpage.

Product Line
PM8000 series

Meter Webpage

When standard security is enabled on the device, the credentials are listed below:
Username: 8000
Password: <front panel password> (0 by default)

When advanced security is enabled on the device, the username is User1 - User16. The password is then the password corresponding to the specified advanced security user.

In the example below, the customer wants to login to the webpage as USER1. Therefore, any of the following username formats will work:

Username: User1, User01, USER1, USER01, user1, user01 (Note, "User 1" will not be accepted.)
Password: 0
Figure 1: Advanced Security Setup via the Setup Assistant

Note, renaming the Security User Module, will not alter the webpage Username.
Figure 2: Security User Modules in Advanced ION Setup

For example, if the Security User 1 module is renamed to "Supervisors", the webpage username is still User1 or User01.
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