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ION8650 firmware V421 files and information

ION8650 firmware V421 files and information about what's new in it is needed

Product Line
ION8650 series meters

Firmware files and information

Cell modem implementation changes 
  • The cell modem functionality on the ION8650 has been updated. 

Cell modem activation in ION Setup 
  • You can now use the Info tab in Communications > Cellular Settings to: 
• view the cell modem activation status, and
• activate the cell modem on your meter, rather than using Telnet.
  • To access these settings, make sure you have the latest firmware and ION Setup version.

Advance cell modem configuration 
  • You can now configure the cell modem to activate when the account with your cellular carrier is set up for roaming.
  • To allow this, access the Communications module using the advanced mode of ION Setup and change the Allow Roaming setup register to YES. See the ION Reference for more information about this register

Default cell modem protocol / port changes 
  • The default protocol and port for Connection 1 has changed to ION / 7700. The default for all the other cell modem connections remains ION / None (0).

Activating the cell modem for Verizon (US provider) using ION Setup
You can use ION Setup to activate the cell modem on your meter
Before activating the cell modem on your meter, you must request activation with your cellular carrier:
• Locate the Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID). This number can either be found on the label on the side of the meter, through the meter display, or by connecting to the meter using ION Setup.
• Contact Verizon, provide the MEID and modem type and request an activation of the meter’s cell modem.
1. Open the Setup Assistant for your meter. See the ION Setup for more information.
2. Navigate to Communications > Cellular Settings and select the Info tab.
3. Select Activation Status and click Activate. ION Setup starts the activation process. The Activation Status field updates to show the progress.
NOTE: If the activation fails, you can try setting the Allow Roaming register to YES using the advanced mode of ION Setup and restarting the activation. If that does not work, contact your cellular carrier.

Other changes in v421
  • The relationship between the logging mode and the insert outage records feature in the Data Recorder module has changed in v421.
  • If the Insert Outage Records register is set to YES - ZERO FILL ENABLED, the LogMode register must be set to HIGH SPEED CONTINUOUS or else the module will remain offline.
  • NOTE: If you have set up custom frameworks on your meter, make sure that you adjust the settings in those frameworks, if needed, so the data recorders remain online.
More information about what's new in ION8650 firmware V421 can be found in the following addendum

ION8650 firmware V421 files can be downloaded from the following link:
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