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Preventa XU - What is the safety level of the XUSL2E type 2 light curtain connected to the XPSMCM controller?

The XUSL2E type 2 light curtain is declared SIL1 PLc since the IEC 61496 standard evolution, applied in 2015. When you connect both XUSL2E OSSDs to the inputs of the XPSMCM modular controller declared up to SIL3 PLe, you does not increase the safety level of the solution, designed by the XUSL2E light curtain protecting the operator of the dangerous movements. Globally the association inputs-processing-outputs can be declared SIL1 PLc only, even if the PL calculation provides an higher value. The XPSMCM unit is used to monitor the XUSL2E OSSDs and provides the EDM control and the start & restart command. Such result is valid for another unit able to monitor a safety light curtain. Reminder of the correspondance table PL/SIL data for information.

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