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MultiTech Router Commissioning for Com'X 200/210/510

Installation of MultiTech rCell Series router for use with Com'X Gateway

Product Line
Com’X 200/210/510

Power Monitoring Communications

Documentation needs for MultiTech Router Commissioning

The attached document 7EN42-0166-00.pdf describes installation recommendations and how to commission a MultiTech rCell Series router for use with a Com’X gateway. Here are the content of this document:
  • Saftey Information
    • Important information
  • Safety Precautions
  • Hardware
    • DIN Rail Mounting
    • Power Supply
    • External Antenna
  • Router Configuration
    • Configuring the Router with a PC
  •  Com'X Configuration
    • Connecting the Router to Com'X
    • Configuring Proxy Settings with EBXA-GPRS-SIM SIM Card
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