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How to Add a Project Using PowerSCADA Studio

There are two ways to add a project:

1. Project Setup tool which uses nine screens to go through all aspects of setting up a basic project.
2. PowerSCADA Studio which follows a manual process of creating a project file.

In this article the second process is described.

Product Line
PowerSCADA Expert 8.2 (does not apply to previous versions)

PowerSCADA Studio

Creating a project.

1. Launch PowerSCADA Studio.

2. Click the Project tab on the left side; then click Add > New Empty Project.

- Type the project name (use this same name when importing projects from the Profile Editor).
- Click OK.

4. With the project selected, switch to the Topology tab on the left side. Add at a cluster (a means of organizing system servers).

- Click Edit at the top of the window; then click the dropdown link and choose Clusters. Type a unique cluster name.

5. Create a network address: In PowerSCADA Studio, switch to the Topology tab on the left side.

- Click Add Computer (recommendation is not to use the loopback address).
- Type a unique name for the computer, and type its IP address.

6. Create the remaining servers:

a. IO server: exchanges data between I/O devices and clients

- Data is collected and passed to clients for display or to another server for further processing.
- For heavy data traffic, multiple I/O servers will balance the load.

b. Alarm server: responsible for evaluating the conditions that define an alarm.

- It evaluates notifications received from the I/O server. If notification of an alarm condition is received, the alarm server generates an alarm.

c. Trend server: controls the accumulation and logging of tend data.

- Data provides a current and historical view of the project, and it can be processed for use in reports and graphics pages.

d. Report server: controls report processing

For each server, make sure it is linked to the correct cluster and network address.

Note: Refer to System Development Guide (7EN02-0402-00) for complete information on planning, setting up and creating a working project.
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