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Is there a driver available for the PM5000 series meter on ION Enterprise 5.6 SP2?

PM5000 series driver for ION Enterprise 5.6 SP2

Product Line
PM5000 series meters

ION Enterprise 5.6 SP2

There are no drivers available for PM5000 series meters on an ION Enterprise 5.6 SP2. The only option is to use the MDI (Modbus Device Importer) tool and create a simple Modbus driver for this device type. It would only allow to read/write Modbus values, and will not have access to onboard logs or events.

NOTE: The PM5000 series meters are natively supported in StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 7.2.2 and greater. 

LE (Limited Edition) driver for PM5000 meters on ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1 can be downloaded from the following link:
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