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ScadaAddress Not Found error

The following error pops up when Runtime is started:

          Warning: No Citect.ini [DNPR]ScadaAddress=x entry found

Product Line
PowerSCADA 8.1, 8.2 (applies to any version that supports DNP protocol)

Citect Runtime

A device with DNP protocol is added to the system, however, proper parameters are not configured in Citect.ini file.
Add the following section/parameter to Citect.ini file and restart the Runtime:


Where ScadaAddress defines the DNP address for CitectSCADA with a default value of 3.  The value could be between 0 - 65534.

NOTE: The value must (may) also be defined in the DNP slave device as the 'Master DNP Address' (only if the slave requires to know the DNP Master address).
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