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How to ensure C_SE datatype is not cyclically synchronized from client to server ( BMXNOR0200 ) in IEC104 Communication.

In IEC104 Communication BMXNOR0200 as server, Client communicate with C_SE datatype.
In general the data synchronization is cyclic in nature. Once a command C_SE ( say setpoint ) is given by client,
the server is written continuosly.
There is an option in webpage of BMXNOR0200 to change the sync mode option to Sync On Demand.

In this mode the data synchronization only happens when the request is sent by controlling station ( here client ) to the 
controlled station ( BMXNOR0200  as server ).

To access this functionality we need to open webpage of BMXNOR0200

Channel > IEC-104 server >> session 0 >> Sector 0>> parameters >> advanced parameters >> Data sync mode.

Change this data sync mode from Cyclic Sync ( default ) to Sync On Demand.

Now if the setpoint is written by Master, this can be overwritten by CPU which was not possible with option cyclic sync

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