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PreventaXCS - Can the XCSDM48 magnetic switch be associated with some safety interface like the XPSMCM controller

The XCSDM48 SIL3 magnetic system is dedicated for a standalone application without any safety interface because of the EDM (external device monitoring) dynamic monitoring, needing at least 1 NC contact of contactor in this input. By this EDM design, you cannot associate the XCSDM48 magnetic system with some XPS interface like the XPSAFL, XPSAK, XPSMC, XPSMCM ... The XCSDM37 SIL2 model can be associated with some XPS units. Attached document precising the possible XPS associations, depending on the stop categorie 0 or 1. Refer to the XCSDM37 & XCSDM48 instruction in the link below. The XCSDM48 association with XPS unit, is not shown because these magnetic systems have been designed to be standalone in simple machines, without any safety interface.
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