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Preventa XCS - Connection diagram of the ​XCSRC*2M12 RFID contactless switches, series model, to the safety relay XPSAFL

Attached the connection diagram of 3 ​XCSRC*2M12 RFID contactless switches, series model, to the simple safety relay XPSAFL. The series model is a special model, dedicated to a series connection to some XPS safety interface (relay, controller, PLC ...), by integrated M12 male connectors (no need of T or Y connector). Up to 20 sensors can be chained in series. The manual start & EDM (external device monitoring) loop is connected to the XPS safety interface. The external KM1 and KM2 contactors must have force-guided contacts or NC mirror contact. A diagnosis module is strongly recommended to give the chain status in case of open door(s).
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