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Why can one not see a duration time for a sag event?

A sag event has occurred on an ION or PowerLogic meter, but the duration does not display through a data log viewer.

Product Line:
ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1 / SPM 7.0.1 / PME 7.x / PME 8.x


All meter power quality events (sag, swells, transients) have two separate 'Disturbance Start' and 'Disturbance End' timestamps.  PME uses the difference between these two to calculate the duration.  During a sag event if a meter's control power is wired in parallel to the voltage inputs this can cause the meter to only register the 'Disturbance Start' event.  

If a duration time stamp is needed the meter should be wired with separate control power from the voltage inputs such as a battery back up.  This will ensure that if the voltage inputs should go to zero the meter will still remain powered to capture both the start and end events.
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