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How to configure the IP Address of BMECRA31210 at the M580 Processor?

The IP address of the CRA is set in the IP Configuration of the M580 Processor (RIO Scanner).
The RIO scanner will act as a HCP server and the CRA will obtain its address from the DHCP server based on its Role Name.
The Role name of the CRA will be BMECRA_xxx where xxx is the value given by the rotary switches in front of the module which should be the same as configured inside UnityPro configuration.

To Configure the IP address follow the below Steps:

  1. Open the Ethernet Port properties of the M580 CPU from the PLC Bus.
  2. Click the IP Config tab, Select Update CRA IP address Configurator.
  3. By default the new drop added and should be set to IP Address A+1, change it as desired.
  4. Validate the Configuration .
  5. Using the screwdriver, set the role name of the CRA. The role name BMECRA_001 means that 001 has to be set on the rotary switches.
  1. Power cycle the CRA every time the rotary switch positions are changed.
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