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Power Monitoring Expert 8.x - I want to run the database archive windows scheduled task. What do I need to do?

The Power Monitoring Expert installer will set up Windows Scheduled Tasks for a number of database-related tasks. One of these tasks is to run database archives on a scheduled basis. By default, this Windows tasks is set up to use the IONMaintenance Windows account, and is installed in a disabled state. If the task is enabled, it fails.

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Power Monitoring Expert 8.x

Database Archiving

That task fails because the IONMaintenance Windows account does not have the required permissions to create an archived database.

If this task is to be used, it is necessary to change the Windows account that the Windows task uses to an account that is a member of the sysadmin role in SQL Server. This is because the archive task will create a new database, and sysadmin level privileges are required to do this.

Note: As of PME 8.2, the Windows database tasks are not set up in distributed systems that use a separate database server.
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