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What upgrades were made to firmware version 8.09 for a Connexium TCSESM series switch?

Goals and Symptoms

A change was made to the TCSESM series switch firmware to fix an SNMPV3 authentication vulnerability.
Facts and Changes
The implementation of SNMPv3 contains a vulnerability that may allow authentication bypass if specifically, crafted packets are used.

Causes and Fixes

To resolve this vulnerability, upgrade the Connexium switch to V8.09 or greater.

Additional Information

The Connexium products affected by this vulnerability with version 8.04 or lower are:
TCSESM043F23F0               TCSESM103F23G0                TCSESM063F2CU1C
TCSESM043F1CU0              TCSESM103F2LG0                TCSESM063F2CS1C
TCSESM043F2CU0              TCSESM163F23F0
TCSESM043F1CS0              TCSESM163F2CU0
TCSESM043F2CS0              TCSESM163F2CS0
TCSESM083F23F0               TCSESM243F2CU0
TCSESM083F1CU0              TCSESM083F23F1
TCSESN083F2CU0              TCSESM063F2CU1
TCSESM083F1CS0              TCSESM063F2CS1
TCSESM083F2CS0              TCSESM083F23F1C

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