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What is the InFD (Internal Error 13) Fault on the Altivar Process Drive?

What is the InFD Fault on the Altivar Process Drive?

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive System (ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)

All serial numbers for Altivar Process Drive

Drive is displaying and Internal Error 13

An InFD is an Internal Error 13 (Differential Current Deviation Error). 
Possible Causes:
  • One or more bricks are not operating
    • List of bricks in the Altivar Drive Systems (ATV660, ATV680, ATV960, ATV980)
      • Rectifier Brick
      • Inverter Brick
      • Filter Brick
      • Active Front End (AFE) Brick
  • Current transformer of the bricks are damaged
    • The current transformer are located on the Inverter Brick.
    • Inverter Brick may have to be replaced.
*Only authorize personnel should perform these task*
  • Check Power Board to Invert Brick cable.
    • Check pin connections
    • Reseat 
  • Measure U/V/W phase currents of each brick on the paralleling choke to identify the brick with less output current.
  • Manually test IGBT on each Brick with a multimeter.
    • Open Motor choke connections when performing test.
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