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Cannot connect to an M340 when Unity is running in a VMware workstation but can connect to a Quantum PLC.

Goals and Symptoms
After updating to Unity 11.1 within a vitrual machine, the M340 fails to connect when using the USB driver.  However, there is
no issue with connecting to a Quantum PLC.

Facts and Change
Unity, M340

Causes and Fixes
The reason could be due the fact that the windows operating system is not properly updated to support the SHA-2 signed
kernel mode driver.   The Schneider Communication drivers installed with Unity Pro V11.1 has been signed with SHA-2
certificates (see for details).  The USB driver that is installed
with Unity 11.1 is also considered to be a kernel mode driver.  As of May 2016, Microsoft required the Kernel-Mode-Drivers to
be signed with an SHA-2 certificate; 

To resolve the issue:
  • Ensure that Window7 has the latest security updates installed. 
  • Ensure that the security update foiund at     is installed on the Virtual Machine's Windows7-SP1 64-bit system!
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