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How to determine when a server reboots?

The customer suspects their server is rebooting and would like to identify the time at which the reboot occurs. This information might then aid in further troubleshooting. 

Product Line
Windows Operating System (OS)

Windows Event Log

When a server reboots, the Windows Event Log is populated with Event ID 6006 and 6005.

Event ID 6006: "The event log service stopped."
Event ID 6005: "The event log service started."

The instructions below detail how to identify when the server rebooted:
  1. Launch the Windows Event Viewer
  2. Expand Windows Logs
  3. Select System. Under the Actions pane, select "Filter Current Log..."
  1. Enter "6005, 6006" in the Event ID filter
  1. Press OK
  2. ​The Windows System Log now displays all of the power down and power up events.
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