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How can you import or export the ATV630/ATV930 saved program from the VW3A1111 HMI into somove?

How can you copy the ATV630 or ATV930 saved program from the VW3A1111 HMI into somove?

Product Line:
ATV630 and ATV930 with Somove.


Wants to be able to save and copy the program to and from the ATV630 process drives VW3A1111's remote HMI.

Example #1

Saving from Somove to the VW3A1111 keypad or HMI display example:
Connect your VW3A1111 to your laptop using a mini USB cable.   It will show up like on your computer like a external drive example E: 
Open Somove and give the project a Name.   This name will be the files name.cfg when you save it to your VW3A11111 keypad. 
Create your project in Somove.
Go to File and choose "Export"
Browse your computer for the assigned E: Drive 
Click on the E: Drive enter
Choose the "DRVCONF" folder enter
and save your Somove program file as a config or .cfg file in this folder. 

Example #2 Importing a program from the VW3A1111 keypad back into Somove.
Connect your VW3A1111 keypad to your laptop using a mini USB cable.
Open up Somove software 2.6 
On the main page look to the left and you will see an option to Import/Export  choose Import enter.
Files window will open and you can browse your PC and find the E: Drive that assigned for your remote keypad.
Click on it E: Drive enter 
Choose the "DRVCONF" Folder enter
and find your .CFG file that you want to import. 
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