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How Unity Pro can handle 64-bit Data types?

Several devices generate values of readings and measurements in the size of 64-bit.
Electric Power monitoring devices are an example.

Although Unity Pro does not support 64-bit data types, there is a work around that can be implemented.

Splitting the 64-bit data are performed in the device that generates it, by Splitting  the 64-bit data into Two 32-bit and send them to the Modicon PLC

EFB Toolkit can be used to generate EF "Elementary Function" that can manage the 64-bit variables.

Approximation and Calculation

  • A 64-bit integer is composed of Two 32-bit Double Integers, DINT2 (High) and DINT1 (Low).
  • Turn both (DINT1 & DINT2) into REALs
  • Multiply the converted DINT2 by 4294967295 (32-bit DINT max value)
  • Add the converted DINT1 to the result of step-2
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