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Voltage Inputs Burden Rating for ION and Powerlogic Meters

Burden rating for the voltage input terminals.

Product Line
ION6200, ION75xx, ION76xx, ION86xx, PM5xxx, PM8xxx, PM8xx

The voltage input terminals for the Powerlogic and ION meters have a fixed input impedance.
The burden can be calculated thus:

VA per phase = (Input Voltage^2) / (Input impedance)

Kindly refer to the installation guide for your meter's for specifications.
All meter documentation can be found in the Schneider Electric website:

Note for socket meters:
The voltage measurement terminals with the standard power supply options have the same VA rating as the power supply:
 20VA max.

The meters with the AUX power supply option measurement terminals have a 5 Mega Ohm input impedance.
For example, if the voltage coming into the terminals is 120V:
 V^2/R = 120V^2 / 5Meg =  2.88 x 10^-3 VA per phase.
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