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Release Notes for CitectSCADA 2015 Service Pack 1

The CitectSCADA 2015 Service Pack 1 includes several product updates and enhancements, providing improvements in stability, performance and functionality.

PowerSCADA (PSE) 8.1 Service Pack 1 (uses the same release notes) was created as a special case to fix a customer issue and thus was never officially released for general public use. It allows PSE to use Citect patches.  In general it is a “Power-Build” version of Citect 750 Service Pack 1 created by Citect to serve the PSE specific customer. 

Product Line
PowerSCADA Expert 8.1 (CitectSCADA 7.5)

Service Pack

Incorporating new or modified features.

The attached Release Notes for Service Pack 1 discusses the following topics:
  • What’s New in CitectSCADA 2015 SP1
  • Service Pack Installation
  • Service Pack Uninstall
  • Files changed in this Service Pack
  • Known Issues
  • Issues resolved in this Service Pack
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