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How To configure a different Modbus address to each serial COM Port in the SCADAPack SLAVE Device ?



Assigning Different Modbus Addresses for each COM Port in the Slave SCADAPack


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Windows OSes, E Configurator




The Resolution Provides detailed steps in E Configurator Software to assign different Modbus addresses to COM Ports in SACADAPACK 535E

1- Install E Configurator 8.12.5
2- Update the SP535E to latest Firmware Version 8.12.5
3- In the Port 0-3 page in case of 300E Series or Port 0-4 in case of 500E Series, Configure The Serial Ports with the Modbus settings to be matched with the Modbus Master, an example is below

4- In the Point Browser page, Add 5 Analog System Points to be configured 
Address Description
52014 System Point
52017 Port 1 Modbus Address
52018 Port 2 Modbus Address
52019 Port 3 Modbus Address
52020 Port 4 Modbus Address

5- Write the Following Values to assign different Modbus Addresses to Port 1 & Port 2
Port Address Value
52014 0
52017 (Port 1) 1
52017 (Port 2) 2
If a valid number in the range of 1 - 247 (according to Modbus Specifications has been assigned to system point "52014", SCADAPack RTU will be configured with the same one Modbus address accross the all serial ports according to the value in "52014" and Values of "52016-52020" will be set to the same value of "52014"
If "Zero" has been assigned to "52014", User can configure different Modbus addresses for each COM Port
6- Press Write Button

7- Perform the Power Cycle the SCADAPack
8- Use Read to check if the new addresses were applied

9- Configure the Modbus Master Address with Value 1 and Connect the Serial Cable between The Modbus Master device and Port 1 of SCADAPack Slave Device.
10- Check that the Communication is good when Tx &Rx LEDs of COM1 are blinking.
11- Move the Serial Cable to Port 2; The Communication will be lost until you change the Modbus Master address to Value 2
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