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How to connect Wonderware ArchestrA FSGateway (or any Third-Party OPC Client) with ClearSCADA OPC Data Server?


ArchestrA FSGateway OPC client connection with ClearSCADA OPC Data Server

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Windows OSes, Wonderware ArchestrA FSGateway, SCADA Expert ClearSCADA 2015 R2


A Third Party OPC client can only connect to a ClearSCADA server if it has the ClearSCADA Data Components installed. Once installed, the Data Components will handle the communications between the Third Party OPC client and the ClearSCADA server using TCP/IP protocol, so the problems commonly associated with DCOM on OPC systems are avoided DCOM issues.

Follow the below steps to Install Data Access Components on a Third Party OPC Client and configure the system connection:
  1. Run the ClearSCADA Setup.exe Installer file on OPC client PC.
  2. Select the Next button up to the fifth page of the Wizard, select the Data Access component to install.
  1. After install, use the Windows Start menu to access ClearSCADA’s Configure Connections option and run the ClearSCADA Client applet and create a new connection. The configuration you need to define is exactly the same as that for a ViewX - System connection: 
  1. At the ClearSCADA server side, expand the System Configuration branch then select the Security entry to display the Client Access Control List section and add the OPC client that to be authorized to connect to the ClearSCADA server. Only the clients with the correct IP addresses and correct Client Types will have access to the server:

  1. From ArchestrA FSGateway the configured OPC Client is now connected to Serck.SCXV6OPCDA.<System Name>.<Server Name> which provides a connection to the current ClearSCADA OPC data as follows:

The firewall rules for Third Party OPC client - system connections are the same as those for ViewX, the use of firewalls is the reason why ClearSCADA uses a default port range of 5500 to 5509. This range is rarely used by other applications and it also makes it easy for you to set up a firewall, if you configure the firewall to allow the ports 5500 to 5509 as well as the port for the server’s incoming data (5481 by default), the connections should be able to be established.
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