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Can Rogowski Coil Current Transformers (Rope Style CT's) Be Extended in the Field? How Far?

Rogowski Coil CT's may require secondary lead length extension.

Product Line
A9MEM3500 meters
EM4200 meters
EM3500 meters
U018 Rogowski Coil Current Transformers

Metering & Power Monitoring

The load may be farther from the meter than the standard 8' or 12' secondary lead lengths may reach.

Schneider Rogowski Coil Current Transformers come in primary lengths of 12", 18", 24", or 36". 
This measurement only applies to the primary length only.
This is the length that the current transformer has to connect back to itself around a conductor or set of conductors of the load to be monitored.

The lead length refers to the 8' or 12' that connects from the current transformer to the meter itself.

It is sometimes difficult to get the meter mounting location within 8' or 12' from an appropriate location to install the current transformer on the load conductors.
Because of this, one may need to extend the length of the secondary leads from the current transformers.

Either the 8' or the 12' secondary lead length version of Schneider's Rogowski Coil (U018-xxx) Current Transformers may be extended to a maximum of 20' total lead length (to include the original lead length of either 8' or 12').
The conductors used must be a standard 24 gauge twisted cable.
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