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Com'X 210/510 GPRS SIM card Overview

Com'X 210/510 GPRS Settings

Product Line
Com'X 210
Com'X 510


GPRS access settings depend on the GPRS modem that is connected.

There are 2 reference numbers for the GPRS modem:
NOTE: The good operation of GPRS and Wi-Fi is not guaranteed with other GPRS modems or Wi-Fi USB keys.

The SIM card is embedded in the GPRS modem. You can only use the EBXA GPRS SIM to publish data if you are exporting data to Remote Service Platform. The settings of this GPRS access are set by the Com'X.
The reference EBXA-GRPS-SIM must be selected for the GPRS modem.
This graphic shows the interface for accessing the GPRS modem with an EBXA GPRS SIM card:

For the Com'X that comes with the SIM card included: The SIM card that comes with the Com'X 510 is Vodafone, but will connect to the T-Mobile network in the United States once the card is activated. 

For the Com'X without the SIM card included:  Provided that the cellular provider will allow the equipment on their network, and the user configures the proper APN and SIM card settings, there are no constraints for putting the ComX on another GPRS network. 
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