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How to solve a blue screen issue at the iPC startup after installing the NI-VISA software?

With the new iPC range, we get a blue screen issue at the iPC startup after installing the NI-VISA software.
This issue comes from a conflict between the system monitor driver and the National Insturment software, meaning users cannot use the system monitor function and the NI software at the same time.

Short Term Solution:
If customers use our images, they will have to disable system monitor driver in Device Manager before installing NI software, the downside is they will not be able to use system monitor function anymore. If customers need to use system monitor function, they have to remove NI software since both software cannot co-exist.

>> Open “Device manager”, disable “SUSI4 Driver” under “System devices” (see attached screenshot).

New iPC offer:
- Standard references: HMIBMPxxx, HMIPMUxxx, HMIPSPxxx, HMIPEPxxx, HMIPSOxxx
- Configured references: HMIPCCU2xxx, HMIPCCP2xxx, HMIPCCS2xxx
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