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SoMove 2.6 via Bluetooth can see the device but cannot connect

Goals and Symptoms
When using SoMove 2.6 software and attempting to connect to a device via the TCSWAAC13FB, the device can be seen when using Scan Network but an error occurs when you try to connect saying "an error occurred while going online. Please close the project. Open the project again and then go online.". This does not resolve the issue.
Facts and Changes
To get around this issue, select Modbus Serial instead of Bluetooth but, use the same Com ports as specified for the Bluetooth Adapter in the Advanced Settings under Serial Line. 
Note that it may be necessary to increase the Global Time out in the Advanced Settings Window to 3000 in some cases.
Causes and Fixes
 This is a known issue and is being addressed.
Additional Information

This is a notification based on PS3_rcr167885 
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