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Why is ION Setup showing "Feature set not compatible" error when uploading a template?

ION Setup is showing "Feature set not compatible" error when uploading a template, even though the template is from the same feature set.

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Prior to ION Setup v3.0.17033.01 which came out February 2nd 2017, ION Setup would save feature set information to the template files only if that instance of ION Setup had requested the feature set information previously (for example if the meter Nameplate info had been populated). In these prior versions, ION Setup would allow template uploads even if the feature set information was not available. In version v3.0.17033.01 this is not permitted. 

Upgrade your ION Setup to a version newer than v3.0.17033.01 and it will tell you that the feature set information is unkown, but it will allow you to proceed with writing the template to the meter anyway.
The latest ION Setup can be obtained by following this article: Where can I download the latest version of ION Setup software?

Alternatively, it is also possible to bypass the feature set checks that ION Setup does by holding the control key when you click the "Send" button on the the Template Send to Meter screen.
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