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How do I clear the "SLT2" or "SLT3" error on Lexium 32 after removing a module?

If you remove an option module from Lexium32M and replace it with a module of a different type, or leave the slot empty, the drive will display a "SLT " error to alert that a module that was once present is now missing or has been changed.

To proceed any further with the drive setup, commissioning or use, you must acknowledge the error message to clear the "SLT" message.
This can be done via SoMove or via the built-in HMI keypad.  

To clear the message via the keypad follow these steps.
1. Press the round navigation button.  The message "save" will appear on the screen.
2. Again press the round navigation button.  The display will change to ready, or FSU for first setup if other critical parameters need to be set.

To clear the message via SoMove follow these steps.
1. Connect with SoMove
2. Click on the "Startup messages tab"
3. In the left window pane click on the "slot" message then click OK in the popup window the opens 

Rev 2/12/18
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