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Sepam 80 - could not manually set onboard clock with SFT2841 (firmware version V5.05)

Normally, it is possible to set the onboard clock of a Sepam 80 relay manually using the SFT2841.  This should work regardless of which "Synchronization" mode has been chosen in SFT2841 (e.g., Network (COM1), Network (Ethernet), etc...).

However, for older Sepam 80 firmware versions such as V5.05, if you choose the "Network (COM1)" mode for synchronization, you cannot write the time directly using the SFT2841 software.

The workaround is to change the Synchronization mode to a different value, and then to write the time manually using SFT2841.  You can also update the firmware of your Sepam relay to a V6.xx or greater, which should resolve this issue.

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