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VAP6 test box for VIP300 relays - usage and ordering information.

The VAP6 test box can be used to test VIP30, VIP35, VIP300, VIP50, VIP37 and also VIP11, VIP11R, VIP12R, VIP13, VIP17, VIP200 and VIP201.

The Schneider internal reference it is 031438443FA. Please note: as of the year 2016, this product may soon be discontinued.  So, please be aware that the VIP300 may no longer be sold, so this test box will not be relevant any more.

VAP6 is delivered with a cable ended with a Subd9pts (9-pin DB9) connector to connect with VIP300 for example. An extra adapter cable is also provided with special terminations in order to connect to old protection relay ranges (like VIP200 for example). 

Please see the attached instruction page for information on how to use the VAP6 box.  Also, please note that in some of the Schneider switchgear catalogs, an older VAP5 test box (which does not work with the VIP300) has been shown by mistake.  This is shown in the attached files.

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