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ION Setup Disturbance Alarm Setpoints show a scale factor of x 1.0 on CM4000, CM3000, and PM800 series meters

When attempting to configure Disturbance Alarms for CM4000, CM3000 or PM800 series meters via ION Setup software, the scale factors for Setpoint Pickup and Dropout will always show x 1.0, however the voltage scale is set to a different value such as x 10.  

View picture below which is the Voltage Scale value on a CM4000 meter being set to x 10:

Picture below shows the Setpoint scale as x 1.0:

PMCU software is reading the Scale Factor correctly:

Product Line
ION Setup any version prior to v3.0.17033.01

Onboard Alarms / Events configuration (Disturbance Alarm Setup only)
Sag or Swell Setpoint Scale

The scale factor is being applied correctly in ION Setup, it is only displaying it at a constant value of x 1.0 for all the Disturbance Alarms

Download the latest version of ION setup software by clicking on the following article: FA212816  

ION Setup version v3.0.17033.01 and higher will have this fix applied.

View picture below which shows the corrected scale value for Setpoint Pickup and Dropout:
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