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Why is PM8000 or ION7400 meter's front display is flashing?

Why is PM8000 or ION7400 meter's front display is flashing? What steps does user needs to take in order to stop the flashing? 

Product Line
PM8000 or ION7400 series meters 

Front display of PM8000/ION7400 

The meter's display shows an alarm icon and the alarm LED flashes if your meter detects an active alarm condition. Depending on the priority of the alarm, your meter's display also flashes.

Your meter's display back light dims after a defined period of inactivity. When the meter detects an unacknowledged active high priority alarm, the display flashes until the alarm is acknowledged.

NOTE: In order to stop the front display flashing, user will have to acknowledge the high priority alarm. 

User can view and acknowledge alarms using meter's front display

1. Press the home button to display your meter's data screen menu.
2. Navigate to Alarms > Active Alarms to view and acknowledge active alarms, or navigate to Alarms > Historic Alarms to view and acknowledge alarms that are no longer active.
3. Use the up and down arrows to view the different alarms. Press the info button to view details of the selected alarm.
4. To acknowledge all active or historic alarms, press the up and down arrow button simultaneously. A green checkmark appears by the acknowledged alarms, and the alarm indictors are updated.
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