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Osisense XC - How is the washer blocking the roller lever mounted in the ZCKD15 head in 2017

In the XCKM limit switch series, the washer mounting to block the ZCKY15 or ZCKY16 or ZCKY17 roller lever in the rotary head ZCKD15 or ZCKD16 or ZCKD17, changes in 2017 like shown in the attached drawing. If the customer wants to adjust the roller lever precisely each 5° (angular position of the lever), he has to turn this washer to get its notched part on the lever side (position in the past). Main involved complete limit switches : XCKM115, XCKM115H29, XCKM115H7, XCKM115TH, XCKM115TG, XCKM116H29.

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