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My Unity Quantum HSBY system seems to be stuck in a continuous transfer routine. How do I correct this problem?

Recovering a Unity Quantum Hot Standby system stuck in transferring mode.
1: Log into the Primary CPU and set %SW60 to a value of 30 (decimal)
2: Upload a copy of the project running in the Primary to your PC
3: Power down the "Standby" PLC.
4: Disconnect the fiber transfer cable from the Standby.
5: Remove the RIO coax cable from the Standby CRP.

***The following step will clear the CPU and any Standby NOE IP addresses will no longer be valid***                                                                                                                                                                              

6: Power up the Standby PLC by pressing and holding the ESC key before applying power and releasing it once the message "ERASING..." appears.
7: Using USB, MB+ or the default NOE IP Connect and download the application from step 2 into the Standby CPU.

8: Replace the cables removed in steps 4 and 5.
9: Start the PLC and it should come up in Standby.                                                                                                            

10: Initiate a switchover from Primary to Standby.                                                                                                                 
11: Once the new Primary takes over power down the new Standby.
12: Power up the new Standby using the same process as step 6.                                                                                      

13: The program will automatically transfer and the PLC will go to Standby mode.                                                                     
14: Initiate another switchover if you want the original PLC as Primary again.                                                                              
15: Log into the Primary and return %SW60 to the original value. (Default is 6, %SW60.1 and %SW60.2 must be 1).

One contributor for the initial transfer problem could be the firmware version on the CPU. It is recommended that you acquire and install the latest versions. Over the years, firmware fixes have been implemented for online editing issues. To eliminate the possibility of a known issue contributing to this condition upgrading is an option. 
If your current CPU firmware is <3.10 you will need to upgrade the Copro and the CPU.
If your CPU firmware is =>3.10 your Coprocessor should already be up to date (Copro exec version 3.10) and only the CPU would need updating.
Another reason for the transfer problem could been a heavily edited or fragmented project. To clean up the project, export the project to an XEF file and then turn around and open the XEF file using Unity Pro and build. This process will clean up the project and update it to the libset of the version of Unity that was used to export and import it.
***In order to get this new project into the CPUs, the system will need to come down. There will not be a way to load the new program in a 'bumpless' manner.***
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