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My 140CPU67160 HSBY system seems to be stuck in a continuous transfer routine. How do I correct this problem?

1: Log into the Primary CPU and set %SW60 to a value of 30 (decimal)
2: Upload a copy of the project running in the Primary to your PC
3: Power down the "Standby" PLC.
4: Disconnect the fiber transfer cable from the Standby.
5: Remove the RIO coax cable from the Standby CRP
6: Power up the Standby PLC
7: Using USB connect and download the application from step 2 into the Standby CPU.
8: Start the PLC and it should come up in Standby.
9: Disconnect from the Standby and connect to the Primary
10: Set the value in %SW60 to 6 (decimal)

The reason for the initial transfer problem may be due to the  firmware versions on the CPU and Coprocessor. It is recommended that you visit the website
and download the latest firmware. If your current CPU firmware is <3.10 you will need to upgrade the Copro and the CPU. If your CPU firmware is =>3.10 your Coprocessor should 
already be up to date (Copro exec version 3.10)  and only the CPU would need updating.
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