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What is the PM8000's COMTRADE File Format and can it be changed?

What is the COMTRADE file name/time format and can it be changed?

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Powerlogic PM8000 Series


The COMTRADE files (.cfg and .dat) from a sag/swell or transient event can be found on the PM8000's FTP site. 

Q: COMTRADE file is generated with UTC time not local time, can this be changed? 
A: T
he timestamp can be changed inside the file.

Q: Is that possible to customize the COMTRADE file name?
A: No, filename cannot be altered. Typically called cmt0__00000 (incrementing with each new saved waveform) and documented in .cfg and .dat formats.

Example of COMTRADE .cfg output:

Please follow the attached COMTRADE & ION Technology document for steps on enabling the COMTRADE feature (disabled by default).
* Note: a master reset will clear all COMTRADE files on the FTP site.
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