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ATS48 control logic for a motor with a mechanical brake

ATS 48 doesn't have a relay output returning information about motor running or stopping.
A General example of possible solution with the:
ATS 48: Non-reversing with line contactor, bypass, freewheel or controlled
stop, type 1 coordination
Relay 1 is used in isolating relay (rII) mode. Like one, it will control the line contactor after receiving a RUN and will be released at the end of braking or deceleration or when the motor switches to freewheel mode after a STOP command. It is also deactivated when a fault occurs.
As a motor brake shall be released at the moment or just before RUN command and engaged after full motor stop, I think you can use this relay for brake control. As the relay has one contact only, an auxiliary relay to extend number of free NO contact is necessary.
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