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Is there a pinout for the SEPAM CCA612 cable?

User is looking for a detailed pinout for the CCA612 612 Connection cable. The CCA612 cable is used to connect the  ACE949-2, ACE959, ACE937,
ACE969TP-2 and ACE969FO-2 communication interfaces to the SEPAM.

Product Line
SEPAM 20/40/60/80 series

The CCA612 is a proprietary cable and a pinout diagram is not available. However for testing and troubleshooting purposes only, a shielded CAT 5 cable can be used as an alternative. The catalog reference number for a 3 meter (9.8 ft) long CCA612 cable is 59663.
* Only use a CAT 5 cable for temporarily testing and troubleshooting purposes.*
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