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What is the limitation of running mixed version ClearSCADA servers ?

Running a system with mixed version servers is only recommended during the upgrade procedure. It is not advisable to run in a mixed version server environment for any longer than necessary.

There are various limitations to a system running a mixed version server environment. Clients connected to an upgraded standby server cannot:

  • Perform control operations such as Handdressing/Overrides etc
  • Accept/Remove/enter Alarm Responses
  • Insert/Delete/Modify Trend annotations or data
  • Insert/Delete/Modify Notes
  • Execute logic or script programs that perform write operations on database objects (eg. SetValue function in Client side scripts)
  • Set/Change Security or Colour Palette settings
  • Create/Import/Delete/Rename objects into the database
  • Enable/Disable alarms
  • Edit or save objects in the database
  • Convert objects from one type to another

If a user attempts any of these operations whilst connected to the standby server, the following message will be displayed:

Error attempting to: <Operation>
You attempted a write operation from a client connected to a Standby server, and the Standby server is running a different version of software to the Main server.
Write operations to standby servers running a different version of software to the main server are not supported.

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