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Is there an option for remote open and close of circuit breakers in Low Voltage Drawout Switchgear and Drawout Switchboards?

Yes, Masterpact NT & NW series circuit breakers in drawout Switchgear and Switchboards can be wired to accept remote wiring from a remote panel that has the necessary control devices to open and close the circuit breaker using the circuit breaker Shunt Trip and Close coils. This is an option and must be priced for each circuit breaker intended to be controlled remotely.
As another option, a Remote Control Pendant Station is available for the PZ-4 & QED-6 Low Voltage Switchgear and Switchboard offer. This option allows an operator to open or close a circuit breaker using a control pendant while being physically located well in excess of a 10-foot boundary of the equipment front.
The Remote Control Pendant Station is a Hubbell 2040 series pendant. The control pendant is NEMA 4X rated and has a 50-foot cord with mating plug connector. One control pendant per switchgear or switchboard lineup is provided when the option is selected for the order requirements. Also included is one metal mounting pocket mounted on the equipment to retain the control pendant when not in use.
The control pendant must have a mating plug wired to the circuit breaker, which is an additional option and must be priced for each circuit breaker in the pendant is to be used. The "Plug for Remote Pendant Station" includes the plug wired to the Shunt Trip and Close coils of the circuit breaker. The plug is typically mounted on the door trim plate. In most cases, there are no limitations when selected with use with other control feature combinations, however, for dual mounted NT breakers some feature combinations are limited.
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