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M580 memory card formatting procedure.

Formatting the memory card is possible by using the %SW93 word via the Unity Pro animation table but normally has not to be used. Formatting the card on a PC using Windows commands may render the card unusable.
When the memory card is formatted, the default directory \DataStorage\ is created.
Before formatting with Unity Pro, the user must download an application by default. Otherwise, the %SW93 system word does not exist.
NOTE: Formatting is only possible when the PLC is in STOP mode.
%SW93 Operating Mode
The formatting command and status of the memory card are provided by the %SW93 system word.
SW93.0: a rising edge starts the formatting.
SW93.1: gives the status of the system file partition:
  • 0: invalid system file partition (incorrect format, formatting in progress, etc.),
  • 1: Valid system file partition.
The figure below displays the statuses of the %SW93.0 and %SW93.1 bits.
It is recommended that users save the file partition (data stored, manufacturer or user Web pages) with the FTP client, which can be launched from Unity Pro.
Users can save Web pages with FactoryCast or WAD (Web Application Designer). They can therefore restore pages in case of problems.
Unity Loader also allows files to be saved on the memory card.  
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