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How to use USB host port on SCADAPack 535E

How to use USB on SCADAPack 535E


The USB Host and USB Device ports on the SCADAPack 535E are USB 2.0-compliant ports that support 1.5 Mb/s and 12 Mb/s communications. The USB ports automatically detect and support the data rate of the connected device. The two USB ports can be used simultaneously.


The USB Host port is a USB series A receptacle that allows the rPAC controller board to act as a host for a plug-in USB drive. For bus-powered USB devices, the USB Host port can provide up to 100 mA at 5 Vdc.


The USB Host port is not user configurable. It can be mounted and accessed through the rPAC file system at /usb0.


Product Line


SCADAPack 535E



Windows OSes, Terminal




Connect to SCADAPack 535E by using any Telnet client:

by issuing devinfo command you can obtain the information about available device drives:

And current directory can be changed by cd command.
If the USB Storage is not plugged or not ready Directory not available  message will appear on the screen:

If USB Device is present, prompt will change to the following:

Then dir command can be used to get some information about the usb drive:

USB Storage can be used in Remote Command Line, Telnet and Workbench Logic and increase amount of space up to 32 GB. File System Format has to be FAT32.
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