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Does the M580 have system words indicating IO module health?

Published date: 09 January 2019

Yes, system words %SW160 to %SW167 indicate IO module health.
These words detect errors for racks 0 through 7.

System words %SW160 to %SW167 are associated, respectively, to racks 0 to 7.

Bits 0 to 15 of each of these words are associated with the modules located in positions 0 to 15 of these racks.

The bit is at 0 if the module has a detected error, and at 1 if the module is operating correctly.
Example: %SW163.5 = 0, the module located in position 5 on rack 3 has a detected error.

In case of half racks, 2 contiguous half racks make a complete normal rack, referenced by only one %SWi. 


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