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How to set up PME and PSE licensing when both softwares are installed on the same machine

Customer might get an error "Software Protection error" even if the licenses show as permanent in the Floating License Manager.

Product line
PME 8.x(Power Monitoring Expert)
PSE 8.x (Powerlogic Scada)

Licensing software

Port Configuration needs to be reconfigured in order to get both softwares to recognize the licenses

In terms of licensing, it should not matter which software is installed first.
1. Setting the Vendor Daemon port to 27010.
- Login to the Flex Net Publisher with admin/admin (http://localhost:8090).
- Navigate to the Vendor Daemon Configuration tab and click the "Administer" link

NOTE: If the Administer link does not work in Internet Explorer, you may need to run IE in compatibility mode. In IE10, hit F12, set the Browser Mode to "Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility View". Chrome works as well.

- Set the Vendor Daemon Port to 27010 and Save

2. In the License Manager, set the Server Port to 27010

3. In PME, check the Management Console About box to confirm the licenses are recognized properly. 
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