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Video: How to Find the CPU Load for an ION8600 Series Meter

How to determine the CPU Load in an ION8600 series meter.

Product Line
ION8600 series (the procedure can be applied to other ION meter types as well)

ION Setup will be used to find the CPU load.

ION modules in the template consume CPU power.  In cases were it is desired to add custom frameworks, it is necessary to keep track of the processing power available.  Once the processing power reaches the limit of 100%, it would not be possible to add extra modules.

While the following video below goes through the procedure, here are the steps:
  1. Using ION Setup connect to the meter (in this example single mode is used to conenct to an Ethernet meter)
  2. Click on Exit to close 'Setup Assistant'.
  3. Select 'No' when prompted to connect to a different device to keep the connection open to the meter.
  4. From the menu, select Tools > Diagnostics.
  5. Select 'General' tab.
  6. Observe 'CPU Loading' parameter.

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