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How To Add Custom Quantities to the Sag/Swell Data Log Viewer in Vista?

A meter is customized to record a custom log when when a disturbance occurs. The user would like to display the custom log and the disturbance records on the same table in vista. 

Product Line
PME 8.x 

Vista, notepad 

*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).

*Note: Any modifications made to the Vista diagrams will affect all meters of that device type. 

Resolution 1: Create a new custom data log viewer that merges the disturbance logs and the custom log
1- Open the meter's diagram's in PME 8.1's vista and drop a new data log view.
2- Right click on the new data log view created and navigate to Edit Query as shown below:

3- Select the desired custom log and then click add. Repeat this step for each disturbance record channel as shown below. Press next after adding all the waveform channels 
4- For each table(tab), add the columns required such as quantities, timestamp. Press next once all the quantities from each table have been added.
5- It's recommended to sort the table by timestamp. Click finish to create the new datalog. Double click on the new log to view it as shown below:

Resolution 2: Edit the disturbance log using the EDIT SQL mode to include the meter event log entries. 

1- First, lets make sure the quantity being logged generates an event by navigating to the meter's event log.
2- In the example below, the meter generated an waveform event when an external pulse was trigged ( EPSS_Door). We Noted down the "Effect" column.

3- Navigate to the meter's Power Quality tab and then right click on the disturbance recorder (Sag/swell).
4- On the query tab, click on Edit SQL.
5- In the notepad window, add a new line to the first where clause : Or effect_ion Like 'Effect name from step 2 '  as shown in the example below. 

6- the where clause can include other constrains such as cause value or cause columns. 
7-navigate file-> save within notepad. The customization will not take effect if the query is not saved. 
8- Open the data log viewer to test the new changes as shown below :

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