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ENM v8.x send emails with an event "System.Event.Event.Event"

When ENM sends an email, the subject shows an event without alarm information and the device name listed as "System.Event.Event.Event". This occurs with ENM monitoring SCADA systems with Hotstandby configured.

Product Line
Event Notification Module v8.x


The "System.Event.Event.Event" is caused by having projects on a Primary and Seconday SCADA server that do not match.

1. Find the SCADA server that was last updated.
2. Back up the SCADA project and move it to the other server. For example, if the Primary SCADA server was last changed, it must be backed up. This backup will be moved to the Seconday SCADA server.
3. Restore the backup to the other server.
4. Restart ENM services on both SCADA servers.
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